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Once you place an order with us your items will be made up and dispatched between 1-2 weeks later. When we are particularly busy this can be up to 3 weeks but you will be informed of any changes.

Shipping times vary depending on the country. Only the UK has 24 hour delivery available as that is the country we are based in.

General rule of thumb is 5-15 days for anywhere outside of the UK. Couriers can do quicker, but are obviously more expensive to use.

Once your item is dispatched you will receive a notification with a tracking number included. It is worth noting that once the item is in the postal system, legally it is your property and we can do nothing more than check the tracking. If there is a problem with delivery, unfortunately it is something only you can tackle with them, they won't tell us anything.


If an item is broken or damaged in transit, you will need to provide us with immediate photographs for our file. Outer packaging, as well as the damage to the item. This is so that we can lodge a complaint and refund for the item/postage if necessary.

If your damaged item is beyond use thanks to the delivery system, we will happily offer you either repair, replacement or refund and this will be put into action once the item is returned to Cosmic Workshop.

We do not accept returns or allow refunds for items where the sizing is the issue if the made item matches the sizes you sent us. If for any reason we have sent you the wrong size, then we are happy to admit human error and send you a replacement and pay for the wrong one to be returned.

We also do not offer refunds on custom orders due to the time, effort and usually one off nature of the work.

Wear and tear is a natural and accepted part of costumes and we offer a repair service for any repair or upgrade work you may require, but there will be costs involved to cover materials and time.

Do let us know if we have missed out any shipping or returns queries you would like answering and I can add them! - Jules


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