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Privacy Notice

Privacy policy

When ordering you are asked for your Name, so we don't make one up Orcy McOrcish!

Your address, so that we can post or courier your order to you, otherwise we just hoard it like dragons.

We require a phone number...this is important in case we decide to use a courier instead of Royal Mail tracked and signed, they ask for one in case of a problem with your delivery.

and of course that all important email address. NOW! this is more important than you think, so please enter one that you regularly check in with and please ensure our email address is cleared so it does not go into the junk folder!

Sometimes we will want to double check a detail that may not be clear from your order, sometime you forget to include sizes so we email and ask because we generally cannot make it unless we can size it!

Your email is super secret and guarded, warded with hexes and protected by our pet troll, Grub. SO under no circumstances will we share it. If you tick the "sign up" bit for our newsletter, you will receive to your inbox a mere one Newsletter a month, if Jules has time to get it together, otherwise it could be years..who knows with her concentration levels these days ;)

Totally lied to you there...if we utilise a courier, your details will be used on their website to ensure you get your parcel and not the rowdy Elves down the they can sort the GDPR malarky themselves, but I'm assured by their fine print that they are in no way nefarious with their handling of your data either.

In a nutshell - We like you, buy from us and we will not summon demons using your info.


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