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Meet the Team!

Julie Morrisroe- Partner and Lead Creative


Julie has a vast creative background spanning from her degree in Fine Art Sculpture, through working as a freelance mural painter, into teaching secondary school Design & Technology (Graphic Products, Resistant Materials) and Art then creating Cosmic Workshop as a creative business; tackling anything from boutique shop windows, branding and marketing work through to room dressing and more murals...

In 2011 she was inspired to tackle leather work and fell in love with it, decided to focus on Cosplay in 2012 when she caught the bug...She has never been happier :-)

A bit of a workaholic, she likes to occasionally take time out to escape into her books and catch up with her favourite TV shows and movies...but usually with a sketchbook to hand...

Did we mention she is totally obsessed with Hellboy?...yeah...just a bit!

Lee Morrisroe- Partner and Research Genius


Lee was actually the first person to fall into leather work as a business when he started researching the Golden age of Piracy as a Re-Enactor. He then progressed into providing other enthusiasts with historical leatherwork, ending up by setting up the business Letters of Marque which along with Julie, supplies historical reproductions to Hollywood films, Theatres, Museums and of course, Re-Enactors.

In his spare time he creates props from his favourite films and is Julie's extra brain power in the workshop when she ends up banging head against things!


Jasmine Morrisroe- Heir to the Empire!


Jasmine is why we are building up this crazy company under her careful instruction of "make more money!" as she plans on taking over when we are older and even more knackered! Watch out for her own unique items in the shop as we begin her training!

Pauline Delaney- Ideas and Research, occasional delivery driver!


Pauline is that kind of person with a real knack for thinking outside of the box. She is a diligent researcher, and has a knack of squirreling out the most elusive of information!

In her spare time she is a demon Scrabble player, don't say we didn't warn you!


Neane Lovatt- Event Sales Minion


Neane is an invaluable member of the Cosmic Workshop team at our trading events with a really sweet demeanor and a real passion for all the things we create.

In her spare time she is not only a radiographer (with hopes one day for that fateful "accident" that will spark some superhero powers, enabling her to eat as much chocolate as possible without gaining weight) but a mother to two crazy boys and is a budding bespoke chocolatier!

Pete Lovatt- Lead Sales Minion


Pete is the inseparable love of Neane's life as well as our Minion at trading events. In his spare time, Pete loves to brush up on his historical knowledge and indulges in painting Warhammer figures in between breathing and eating...Don't know how they both do it, not enough hours in the day in our opinion!



Colin Brookes- Workshop Superhero


SO many times our plans would have gone totally wrong had it not been for Colin stepping up to the plate to be emergency sales minion, chauffer, and all around superstar!

Colin is also the thoughtful one who always realises the others have not had a decent brew or food in half a day and keeps us all at tip top working performance levels!

Day to day he is obsessed with all things Hawkeye and loves to make people smile.

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