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Caring for leather

Thank you for ordering from us!

Here are some care tips for your new items or even some old ones.

Leather is skin, just like your own body it will age and need moisturising on occasion. It is also (most likely) hand dyed, so if you are going to wear it out in the pouring rain over something you would rather not get stained, be warned! We do apply a finishing product to lessen this effect, but there is no perfect solution due to the material.

If for any reason your leather gets wet, DO NOT DRY USING HEAT SOURCES! Remove water with a dry cloth and leave in room temperature to dry out naturally...moisturise if possible. Try to ensure it dries in the shape it should be to avoid warping.

If you notice your leather is getting a bit stiff or starting to crack, you need to apply a good nourishing cream or wax and let it soak in for a few hours at room temperature or slightly warmer, then buff off the excess. The cracks will not disappear but it will avoid the leather splitting through.

Leather also ages, just like skin and the patina finish from natural wear and tear give items, especially armour pieces, a lovely feel and look over time. If you would rather this newness was prolonged, moisturise every few months, and where appropriate, you can also apply a light coat of boot polish and treat it as a pair of leather shoes.

Cosmic Workshop recommends Fiebing's Aussie leather conditioner.

If you have any questions relating to the care of your product, please do contact us via our webpage, we are happy to help! We would also LOVE to see what you look like in you new costume too :-) Go on...drop us a photo!

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