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Pirate hair bead 3

Pirate hair bead 3

Price: £6.00
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Our Captain Jack Sparrow inspired pirate hair beads are made from a mixture of wood, glass and metal beads and come in a variety of lengths They are of course suitable for a whole variety of costumes or simply to make your every day hair look that little bit more fabulous! This set is 9"/23cm long (bead length not including attachment space) Custom lengths or colour schemes are available, prices vary depending on the beads used

Jyn Erso Belt and Holster

Jyn Erso belt This is a replica version of her belt and blaster holster from Star Wars - Rogue One. It features a worn looking thigh hanging leather holster (to fit the 3-D printed replica blaster) on a leather hip belt with metal details plus sprung fastener for her tonfa. This item was thoroughly researched and screen matched using production stills and screen grabs from the Star Wars : Rogue One PLEASE NOTE - WEAPONS NOT INCLUDED ***Measurements: Please drape measuring tape at a jaunty angle from your hip as you see the belt is on the images, it is meant to hang at an angle, not straight across the belt line!*** If you need something and cannot find it on our website, please do get in

Captain Swordbelt

Captain Swordbelt

Price: £90.00
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The Captain Kidd baldric takes care of all your weapon needs as it has a sword and a dagger frog on the hip as well as a front positioned pistol bucket. This item is also available as a baldric.

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