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Flynn Rider boot Spats

These are the pair of boot spats worn by that cute thief without a clue Flynn Rider from Disney's movieTangled They are 100% leather with brass rivet detail on one side of the straps and matching press studs for the fastening mechanism on the other Flynn's belts, bags and wanted poster are also available

Christina Rotsaert - Tusken Raider

Christina Rotsaert - Tusken Raider

Date Added: Thursday 27 September, 2018

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What a beautifully put together example of a Tusken Raider! We created the bullet bandolier and belt with pouches and they really pale into insignificance when you look at the amount of detail she has put into the rest of this! This image was taken by True Sight Photography (thank you so much) at Guelph's Genrecon convention

Nuada Armour

Nuada Armour

Price: £350.00
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We have decided after touring this piece of armour the last few years to sell it on in order to make some new, amazing showpieces! It's in excellent condition and very sturdy, build for a bigger warrior build! The design was inspired by Prince Nuada's costume from Hellboy II - The Golden Army, taking the shapes and fae style and developing it into more of a war lord style. It laces up at each side so will fit larger than the tight laced 48" chest. The hand tooled designs are light and delicate, made to resemble lace and foliage delicately scattered over the design.

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