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Common Queries:

1. Do you take on custom orders?

Yes we do. Simply contact us with details of what you are looking to have made and we can cost that up for you no problem. If it is a cosplay costume part, please send us the character name/where they appear too.

I bet you don't do stuff my size though?

Actually yes, we do indeed cater to all shapes and sizes. Belts are usually the problem for customers from what we can tell and it doesn't matter how large or small you are, we have ways to accommodate. Children's sizes and disability issues can also be addressed. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask us any questions!

What colours can you do your items in?

We mostly hand dye our leather so any colour of the rainbow really! We can also mix to screen match colours that may not be correct straight from the bottle.

White is a bought in, pre-finished leather.!

Do you produce erotic or fetish leather items?

We are happy to take on any custom orders you are comfortable discussing. As everything is made to measure, which is super important for safe play, there is a lot of details we will ask to ensure the item is suitable for use on you or your partner.!

Can you produce re-enactment or living history leather work?

We actually have a second business dedicated to producing historically accurate reproductions called Letters of Marque.

Lee Morrisroe heads up that side of things and will be happy to quote you for anything pertaining to that.

Do you have a shop I can actually visit?

Unfortunately we are not in a position to allow visitors but hope to rectify this in 2019.

Do you ship things internationally?

No problem, if you have a delivery service, we can post to you!

Can I hire a costume from you?

No, we do not hire out costumes.

Is there any other place I can buy your products than this website?

Jules and her minions attend several comic conventions around the UK and offer free pick up services if you order in time. Or you can chat to them about any custom work you are interested in, pay for any work and even get measured up if you are struggling to do it on your own. At events we carry a small amount of non size dependant stock such as holsters, accessories etc that you can buy on the day.

Alternatively online we also run an Etsy shop.


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