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Frequently Asked Questions!

1. I can't find what I want on your website, can you tackle a custom order?

Hello, lovely to hear from you! The short answer to that is YES!

Cosmic Workshop tackles more custom orders than anything else, whether

you need some cosplay work doing or your very own design bringing to life.

email us via Cosmic Workshop with the details of what you would

like quoting for, including as many reference images as necessary to clarify the

design and if it is a cosplay, please tell us the character name and place they can

be found.

If you are wanting a quote for items for Film, Television or Museum use, please

Grab a brew of your choice and take a few moments to peruse

2. Do you do any tooled leather designs?

Yes, but unless we have some magical extra hours in the day, they tend to be

custom orders due to time constraints on developing one off pieces...something

that might even be rectified over the next year or so...but for now, let us know

what you need and we will quote it out to you!

3. What colour leather do you have?

Good question! We actually hand dye a lot of our leather so pretty much any

colour you need. We can even mix specific colours if the shade is not quite

right straight from the bottle.

Grey is a little more expensive than black due to the way it is created and white

is pre dyed and ordered in as needed for an order.

4. Do you make Fetish and BDSM leatherwork?

We do have plans to create some quirky themed designs in the future with the

support of some of our wonderful customers who also belong to the scene, but

as it stands, we welcome it as custom orders only.

5. Do you make Re-Enactment grade leather items?

You may not realise this, but Cosmic Workshop is only one side of our amazing

business, we cater to all things fantasy and cosplay...Please do however

drop by Letters of Marque where we specialise in historical reproductions!

If you are wanting a quote for items for Film, Television or Museum use, please

email Lee Morrisroe direct via

6. Do you have a paper catalogue?

No, we only have our online shop currently.

7. Can I come and pick my order up from your shop?

We do not have a physical shop front to visit, but we do attend an array of

events around the UK so chances are we can arrange a pick up at one of these...Let us know where you are based and we can tell you a definite yes or no

as to whether a pick up arrangement is available for your deadline.

8. Can I ring up and pay over the phone?

Cosmic Workshop is working on this, but currently it is not an option, sorry

about that!

You can however pay securely with most credit and debit cards via PayPal on

this website as standard, alternatively, if you get in touch with us, you can pay

We do not accept cheques.

9. Where are you based and Do you ship internationally?

We are located in Cheshire in the UK and Yes, yes we do!

The thing to remember is that certain countries do not have a tracked and signed

for option as their country does not support this method of delivery, it is rare,

but the issue has occurred for some far our places.

10.  The shipping cost on my order seems really high, is it correct?

Ahhhh! This sometimes can happen due to a slight glitch on the website due to

how it is linked up to Royal Mail directly (if that is the option you are using)

sometimes has a brain fart and messes up the weight somehow...drop us a 

message and we will double check it's calculation for you.

To be honest, 99% of people tend to use the courier option and we are looking

into how to change the shipping charges to solely this at some point in the future.

11. The most common question we get asked....
How much to do that Hellboy utility belt?

Sorry folks, this is a pet project of our lead creative, Jules for her own Cosplay,

she is a little over protective of it and won't reproduce it unless someone offers

her a ridiculous sum of money as it takes a huge amount of time to sew up by

hand...and we quote:

"Yeah - throw £1000 at me and I might be tempted though hahaha"

11. Do you hire out costumes and props?

Sorry we don't have enough storage room to currently provide this service.

12. My parcel has not been delivered!

Your dispatch notice should include a tracking number and a link to the website you can track it on.

If it has been over 20 days and the tracking is confusing, please

contact us as occasionally we have parcels

returned here due to a problem delivering it the recipients end.

We will do everything in our power to help you track it down or re-post (further postage charges can occur if failure to deliver was recipient error)

if it is our power to do so, but once it is dispatched, most of the time it is out of our hands.


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